‘Arts, crafts and sciences motivate the world of being and are conducive to its exaltation. Bahá’u’lláh, Epistle to the Son of the Wolf, p. 26 I couldn’t agree more, as I feel inspired deeper in my heart to serve my community!. I believe various creative art forms, including the sciences, can inspire our lives and should take a central role […]


You’d think food choices and dining habits would only affect your health or your family’s health. When in fact, the food you choose to eat and your dining practices affect practically the entire planet!! I’m sure most of us crave a fat, juicy burger from time to time, and as adults, guilt would gnaw at the back of our minds […]


I believe the children are the future. Teach them well and let them lead the way, okay, okay. We all know the words. Miss Whitney had sung it, and you might even be unknowingly singing along while you were reading this, but I know you know it’s true. Children are powerful agents of change. However, for them to assume this […]

Join Plastic Free July Campaign With Your Family!

What’s your daily plastic footprint? Baby wipes, coffee cups, plastic water bottles, etc.? Multiply that with billions of people leaving the same amount of plastic footprint. How much plastic waste do we get? I’d say a heck of a lot!! There is more plastic in the ocean than there are stars in the sky. Can you imagine that? It can […]


Do you have an idea how damaged our planet is? 75% of environmental degradation and destruction are caused by humans, brought on by us and our human activities, resulting in many ecological risks such as pollution, biodiversity loss, climate change, and so much more. These threats we impose on the environment do not just endanger vegetation or animal lives. We […]

Three fun, plant remedy activities for the family to enjoy!!

Ask children what they know about herbs and most would answer, it’s something used for cooking or use as a garnish, which a lot of kids would put to one side before they can even begin to devour their dish. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to educate them about the power of plants and how herbs aren’t only […]

Tips for encouraging creativity

More eco workshops coming soon!!.. I have missed creating with your children!! Here are some tips on how you can encourage your little ones to stay creative: It is ok to let your children be bored. They need to learn t figure things out for themselves on what to do next. Encourage creative thinking by asking questions, don’t be quick […]

The importance of Creativity in the lives of children

I believe we are all born creative. Everything that is life and has meaning in our lives, is inherent to creativity. It is essential that we sustain this in the lives of young people so they continue to grow further into compassionate adults, who can contribute something of value to society. It is a fact that children lose their creativity […]

Crafting with kids

This is the perfect holiday craft project to do with children. They will really love creating the scene for their nature inspiredEaster eggs or simply doodle patterns using paint or gel pens which give a lovely texture when used on top of dried tattoo. You will need: 6 eggs preferably white (or see below how to turn them white) Temporary […]