Welcome to my webpage and thank you for visiting!

Hi I’m Anna, I live in Marbella, Spain with my gorgeous family and I specialise in hosting creative eco workshops designed to spark curiosity in your children. Deeply ingrained in me is the belief that creativity is as vital a nourishment in the lives of children like food and just as important as the core subjects Maths or Science in school.

I believe we are all naturally creative however as we get older these are suppressed by social conditioning, the way subjects are taught in schools and also what we spend our time doing. I love to encourage your children´s observations and to be a guide in exploring the natural wonder of the world around them. I believe it so important to raise compassionate, action oriented creative adults who can live with purpose in harmony alongside nature, especially as we try to collectively resolve the current climate crisis.

More about me

Born in the Philippines and raised in the UK. I moved to London at a young age. Soon after I finished design college. I worked in the fast fashion Industry for over 10 years, where I gained my commercial design experience. I held different job roles, in merchandising, sales and product design. Everything about the industry was not in alignment with who I am and my values in life. So I left and taught English as a Foreign language for a couple of years which I thoroughly enjoyed. In 2007 all fell into place as I met my partner for life, got married, had our son and now living a quiet life in Southern Spain doing what I am passionate about, helping sustain creativity in young people and reconnecting them to our natural environment.

Some fun facts about me

  • I began sewing at the age of 8 years old and made my first skirt at the age of 10.
  • I am a slow fashion maker and I only use natural fabrics to make my clothes.
  • I won a drawing competition at the age of eleven which was announced in our local newspaper in Battersea, London.
  • I went to the London College of Fashion and Bournemouth School of Art to specialize in textiles and fashion.
  • My final collection made it on the front cover of the local paper in Bournemouth, I hand printed everything using natural materials.
  • I worked as an intern for Zadra Rhodes and Bruce Oldfield.
  • I am a fan of handmade goods from around the world especially if it has a story to tell.
  • I am an amateur photographer.
  • I grew up a free spirited child on a farm in the Philippines.
  • I moved to London when i was less than 8 years old.
  • I loved the 90’s jazz funk, old school hip-hop & Rnb club scene in London, was all about the dance moves!
  • I love watching live ballet, musical theatres and some opera.
  • Favourite cartoon growing up was the Flintstones, my brother & I made pretend cars out of cardboard boxes so we could be like Fred and Wilma.
  • As a kid I loved climbing trees, particularly guava trees and I loved eating them too!!
  • I once cut my index finger almost off whilst cutting a jackfruit with my grandfather’s machete knife (I even have the scar to prove it!)
  • My favourite pretend game as a child was cowboys and indians which i played with my brother, I always had to be the Indian chief because I loved wearing the headdress.
  • I love glamping.
  • As children my sister and I went to Hawaiin Hula dance classes and had to learn the song ´Pearly Shell´ by Nora Aunor, a famous filipino singer, wearing our hula grass skirts.
  • I am a vegan.
  • I owned the most colourful stamp collection from around the world as a child.
  • I am fascinated by traditional costumes, people, and food from around the world.
  • I´ve run 5k,10k and half marathons to raise money for various children’s charities in the UK.
  • Spending time in nature brings me so much joy!
  • Into watching national geographics and documentaries.
  • So far travelled countries, in 4 continents of the world.
  • Another means I channel my creativity is through cooking – I really enjoy it especially, when I am experimenting with new vegan recipes!!