Our Values


Maintaining an open, yet professional relationship with parents who allow their children to come to my workshop is essential to me. Clients come to me entrusting their children in my hands because I provide a happy, healthy environment for them. They are progressive parents who want to raise curious, self-assured children who can learn to express themselves confidently and one day give something of value to our society.


Workshops are designed with creative learning goals in mind to ensure that your children feel encouraged to be individuals, I do this by guiding them through activities such as sewing, block-printing, draw&make, weaving, sculpting etc. So they can have a deeper understanding of themselves and express this in the art they produce.


Our primary role as citizens of the planet is to ensure we care for the environment, it is everyone’s duty. When your children have an understanding of the natural world around them, they are less likely to harm it and hopefully contribute to finding creative solutions to the environmental problems we as a society are currently faced with.


A creative leader is merely there to guide. They will not always have all the ideas and answers but will encourage ways where your children’s ideas are shared with others. My aim is to spark curiosity through observation, exploration, craft activities and self internalisation, which are all bases of creativity.


My moral values are an integral part of my business, I believe if we mirror our virtues to the children and their families we are setting an example to build a society of motivated individuals who will take creative actions. My work extends even further as I participate and offer voluntary work to local charities during the summer holidays as well as the month of December. I offer my workshops to underprivileged children in our local community, beach clean up, and I also volunteer with helping to teach the importance of virtues to children, ran by the wonderful Bahai community.