The importance of Creativity in the lives of children

The importance of Creativity in the lives of children

I believe we are all born creative. Everything that is life and has meaning in our lives, is inherent to creativity. It is essential that we sustain this in the lives of young people so they continue to grow further into compassionate adults, who can contribute something of value to society.

It is a fact that children lose their creativity over time due to the environment they are over exposed to. Young children are naturally curious beings, they absorb everything in its entirety, seeing things differently and without inhibitions. It is this spirit of enquiry that culminates to greater imagination allowing creativity to unfold.

Give your children the freedom to let their minds wander. Don’t let fear nor distractions hinder their creative imaginations. It is from this point that the child is able to equip themselves effectively to express who they truly are as opposed to merely fitting in with their peers. Technology will be around for a long time, your child’s young mind will not. Therefore, give your child regular opportunities to have a break from technology that surrounds them.

Embrace imperfections. Far too many children fear to fail. This I believe stems from the school environment of assessments and standard testing. Which contributes nothing to value creativity as the answer is already provided for them and hinders their ability to think critically. Your child must understand that a grade is not the only measure of their intelligence, nor does it define them as human beings.

Remember the quote from one of the greatest thinkers..

I have not failed, I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work

Thomas Edison

Finally, always encourage your child’s creativity, by giving their minds time and opportunities to stray. The aim is to let your child figure out ways to keep themselves active and with purpose. Great thinkers of our time have used these moments to create what we know of their work today, such as Albert Einstein, Mary Anderson, James Dyson, Steve Jobs etc..

On the whole creativity is essential in our lives, it is not a luxury, you can use it as a means to heal and bring your community together.

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