Crafting with kids

Crafting with kids

This is the perfect holiday craft project to do with children. They will really love creating the scene for their nature inspired
Easter eggs or simply doodle patterns using paint or gel pens which give a lovely texture when used on top of dried tattoo.

You will need:

  • 6 eggs preferably white (or see below how to turn them white)
  • Temporary tattoos (ours was inspired by nature; purchased sometime ago, online).
  • Paint

You can also use food colouring to turn your white eggs into any colour you like. Using 1:1 part water & white vinegar in a small jar.
The longer you leave your eggs in the liquid the more intense the colour.

How to turn brown eggs white:

  • Boil eggs in 1:1 part white vinegar and water.
  • Boil in a pot; the water will foam as it boils and remove foam. Repeat until you see parts egg shell turn white.
  • Remove from heat and wash under a cold water tap. Use a sponge to rinse off excess brown layer. Handle carefully as egg shells will be thinner now. Once done you should end up with white eggs.

You are now ready to decorate your them.

  • Take your tattoo and place it with the image face down onto the egg. Use a sponge to dampen the paper; the image should easily
    slide in place. Move to next egg until they are all are done.
  • Wait until the eggs are dry before painting.

You are ready to paint. Using your imagination you can set the scene for your main picture.

Here’s an example, our whale is happily swimming in the sea.

We really enjoyed painting patterns around this butterfly. You can make it as intricate as you like.

Enjoy the process have fun, meditate and stay happy being creative!

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