Tips for encouraging creativity

Tips for encouraging creativity

More eco workshops coming soon!!.. I have missed creating with your children!! Here are some tips on how you can encourage your little ones to stay creative:

  • It is ok to let your children be bored. They need to learn t figure things out for themselves on what to do next.
  • Encourage creative thinking by asking questions, don’t be quick to give answers.

How can we do this differently?
What did you find most comfortable?
I like that you did it this way. That’s cool/great/excellent; Why? What do you think happens when you add this or that?

  • Not everything you do with your children has to be structured. Some unstructured time can spark creativity, like having quite a time alone. When you allow a few hours a day of relaxed, unstructured moments, it gives children time to play; this is when creativity happens; when they are playing & are relaxed!
  • Spend less screen time. Just like we as adults get tired of being in front of the screen, our children get tired as well. Their brains are developing; let them play naturally or play with them. Make use of the moment to bond together as a family, and your children will love you even more for it!!
  • Your children are learning from you. Be a good example; demonstrate that you are exploring your creativity too! It doesn’t matter if you try and fail. The creative process can be cooking, painting, sewing, gardening, decorating, writing, upholstering, and using things you already have.

Sending love & light. Keep the peace and stay creative!

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