Tips for encouraging creativity

More eco workshops coming soon!!.. I have missed creating with your children!! Here are some tips on how you can encourage your little ones to stay creative: It is ok to let your children be bored. They need to learn t figure things out for themselves on what to do next. Encourage creative thinking by asking questions, don’t be quick […]

The importance of Creativity in the lives of children

I believe we are all born creative. Everything that is life and has meaning in our lives, is inherent to creativity. It is essential that we sustain this in the lives of young people so they continue to grow further into compassionate adults, who can contribute something of value to society. It is a fact that children lose their creativity […]

Why I love Glamping…

Ok, so, I’ve been on three lush camping holidays since moving to Spain and of course I am totally hooked, who wouldn’t!! With all the comforts of a modern home often tastefully attired. Along with the convenience of not having to erect a tent (don’t worry ours will be used again, we are a camping family after all) and the […]