Why I love Glamping…

Why I love Glamping…

Ok, so, I’ve been on three lush camping holidays since moving to Spain and of course I am totally hooked, who wouldn’t!! With all the comforts of a modern home often tastefully attired. Along with the convenience of not having to erect a tent (don’t worry ours will be used again, we are a camping family after all) and the burden of lugging around the parts that go with it (i like to travel light), it’s the perfect break for my family and our adopted beagle.
Also known as Glamping it is a deluxe version of camping. Glampers can expect to accommodate in a Treehouse, Yurt, Tepee, Domes, house Pods, repurpose Trailers, containers, vintage campers and Caves. My attachment with this style of lodging is far from luxuriating in the modern conveniences of life.
Responsible business practice first come to mind. Nothing gives me more pleasure than when a fellow human helps preserve the environment it lives in and provides a service for others to enjoy. I also delight in being able to interact with business owners that have a vision to create a sustainable environment, ones that minimise the damage on nature, culture and provide fair working conditions for the locals, in some cases volunteers too.
We are going through a movement and the desire for authenticity in various organisations we connect with is crucial than ever, from the slump of our banking system, to the collapsed of the Rana building where thousands of people including children died in making our clothes, to modern day slavery in our plantations and more recently on hearing leaders in holy establishments conceding to abuse of children, i find it outrageous!!’s no wonder we crave transparency!!

When I nestle amongst nature I am reminded that all living things on our planet have an association, we all share and draw from this flow of energy around us.Being mindful of this energy flow makes my desire to want to connect with Mother Earth stronger than ever. It makes me feel grounded and compassionate for all that I have. Glamping is exactly this, ‘My Nature Fix’, yet still be reminded of modern conveniences in life that we so often take for granted.
The structure in which these accommodations are built on has an affinity with the environment around it. Great thoughts have gone into building the framework for most of the land they are built on are conservation area. In most cases structures are not allowed even, so tents or tent like cabins are erected. Recycled, natural materials are used and the habitations reliant on solar energy from the sun, some with composting toilets, organic gardens and utilising the natural spring water in the area.

As for the interior well, my heart swoons at anything that is made by local artisans, which in all the lodgings we stayed at were attired with. How fresh it is to see crafts from local artisans as oppose to soulless mass produced goods. As a maker I especially have an affinity with the artisans to a point I want to learn how their craft are made. Maybe I will get the opportunity in the near future.
Glamping will be the first option for my family from now on since we enjoy travelling outside the norm and in my opinion there are more to experience and see beyond the confines of a hotel.

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Here’s Anna Mazza with Kai, owner of Eco Spirit Domes in Tarifa, she is one remarkable woman, a mindfulness coach for children, an activist, a teacher, among other things, who has decided to open her home for all to enjoy. Along with her volunteers they are currently on a mission to take Eco Spirit to the next level reaching out to people like you reading this. Here is the link to know more about their work and please do support them if you can. I am not sponsored but her work is very close to my heart.
Eco Spirit Fundraiser
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All the glamping site we visited were within easy access to the wonderful beaches of Costa de la Luz in Southern Spain.
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Nestled amongst the nature reserve of Bahia de Cadiz Parque Natural, is the luxury glamping safari tents of Dehesa de las Yeguas. The wonderful owner Amparo has additional projects to add to this beautiful place in coherence with nature of course and i cannot wait to go back to see it!!
Glamping Cadiz
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me trying to nuzzle into the hammock…
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hand embroidered detail on Moroccan cushion at Yurts Tarifa.
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Belo is a rescue dog who now has a loving family and home with Amparo at Dehesa de las Yeguas.
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loving this retro carrots painted on tea towel by the talented sister of Amparo, her name is Concha Baron a local artist responsible for attiring the delightful safari tents of Dehesa de las Yeguas. See more of her work, instagram @conchabfc picture courtesy of instagram @glampingcadiz

All images by Anna Santegoeds except one, see credit respect to artist as stated under the image.

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